Here’s what people are saying now:

4.28.15 – The Nation – A More Perfect Pitch 

“Roomful of Teeth is making some of the most rigorously venturesome and thrillingly inventive music being made by any ensemble, vocal or instrumental, today.”

4.27.15 – – ALBUM REVIEW: “Render” by Roomful of Teeth

“The ensemble’s voices ebb and flow in soft waves, gracefully gliding in and out of near-silence to create a serene and mystical sound world.”

4.25.15 – Roomful of Teeth: A Vocal Group That’s ‘A Band, Not A Choir’

“For me, it’s the idea of seeing distinct particles slowly come together and create an image — that’s what video rendering is,” [Shaw] says. “And I think our next journey through this second album, and beyond, is to see how our distinct voices come together and keep creating new music.”